Expertise | Media Buying

Online Display Ads have been an important ingredient in an interactive & proactive marketers' media mix. As statistics & research show, it has been evolving at a fast pace and we at Golden Phoenix help you keep up with the new trends, strategy & technology for an effective usage of online display ads.

Our main persuading point to any client or advertiser is that online display ads allows businesses to position & place ads on sites with content highly relevant to their products and services with an additional advantage of making it more interactive & engaging. Therefore, it is we who consult you on how to make it so. We not only build an integrated strategy so that it resonates your brand with consumers and serve as a powerful vehicle but also drive engagement through multiple streams of dynamic content in a single unit, be it on web or mobile.

Let us initialize the processof developing a strong media strategy by conducting an in-depth online media research. This would enable a creation of an online media plan that is perfectly complementing your TG & more importantly thrives to drive engagement amongst them. Wait, our scope of work is not finished here, we go a step further by optimizing your online ad campaign to churn maximum ROI & provide you with some beautiful looking yet meaningful insights and analytics report for the same.

In a nutshell, the summary below would make it simpler to understand the process:

Planning Phase

  • Media Strategy
  • Media Research
  • Media Planning and Presentation
  • Media Negotiations

Execution Phase

  • Securing the Buy
  • Creative Development & Adaptation
  • Publisher Coordination
  • Campaign Execution & Optimization
  • Real-Time Campaign Monitoring & Tracking
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Final Campaign Analysis Report