Expertise | Social Media Marketing

We develop the best suited strategy for customer engagement in order to reach out to TG & interact with them. Kick off by analyzing the scale of the brand; we follow it up by developing a customized strategy which is best suited to that scale. We take just a little bit extra interest into leveraging analytics & insights while preparing a holistic Social Media plan, ensuring that our approach is not a hindrance to your audience or your business objectives in any way.

The reason why we give importance to every minute detail is because Social Media nowadays is not only restricted to Facebook & Twitter, it extends much beyond covering highly interactive blogs & portals into professional, educational and other commercial categories of networking. In short, keeping the brand omnipresent across Social Media Platforms and avoiding any kind of communication lapses.

Some of the key pointers we keep in mind always are:

  • Start Listening
  • Setting Up the DIALOGUE
  • Start scattering the NEWS strategically
  • Interact & Engage
  • Keep it interesting - Spikes, Contests, Offers, Schemes
  • Follow Up - Request Feedbacks, Suggestions & Queries
  • Maintain continuity of the buzz