web development

There are no boundaries to what a well designed website or custom application can accomplish. While developing or maintaining a site, our effort is to build an error-free, user friendly navigation and inteface for your website. No matter what your database needs are,

search engine optimization

A method of structuring a web page in order to have it found, read, and indexed by search engines in the most effective way possible. It is not only important to make your website user friendly but also to make it search engine friendly.

social media marketing

We develop the best suited strategy for customer engagement in order to reach out to TG & interact with them. Kick off by analyzing the scale of the brand; we follow it up by developing a customized strategy which is best suited to that scale.

online reputation management

In a world where a major chunk of the focus lies in the digital domain and people are learning about brands and products through consumer generated media, there is an increasing need to monitor and protect your online reputation.

strategy consulting

A smart strategy is the starting point for every successful brand. We work along with the brand to formulate a road map for their digital footprint which allows them to achieve defined goals, create and take advantage of upcoming opportunities.

media buying

Online Display Ads have been an important ingredient in an interactive & proactive marketers' media mix. As statistics & research show, it has been evolving at a fast pace and we at Golden Phoenix help you keep up with the new trends, strategy & technology for an effective usage of online display ads.